East Tennant Copper-Gold

East Tennant Copper-Gold (SER 100%, Northern Territory)

Over the last four years, the East Tennant Province has seen significant investment in precompetitive data acquisition via Geoscience Australia’s Exploring for the Future Program, the NT Geological Survey (NTGS), and the MinEx CRC National Drilling Initiative which undertook a 10-hole stratigraphic drill program in 2020. As a result, this region has seen significant uptake by explorers with large ground positions secured and on ground exploration programs well underway. SER was an early mover into the region securing over 1,300km2 of tenure, covering multiple copper-gold targets (Fig 1).

SER’s East Tennant Projects and the location of current Copper-Gold targets undergoing review.

Upon securing these exploration licences, SER quickly moved to collect comprehensive, detailed ground gravity over four tenements, and last year drilled the first deep diamond hole in the region by a junior explorer. The diamond drill hole, BKDD001 located on EL32617, targeted a coincident magnetic and gravity anomaly prospective for hematite IOCG mineralisation. The drill hole resolved that the magnetic and gravity anomalies were not sourced from a fertile IOCG system.

Given the result of drilling at Cottage, SER concluded that a further geophysical dataset is necessary to rank current drill targets. Induced Polarisation (IP), which is used to identify the electrical chargeability of subsurface materials, will provide both an informative (i.e. identifying disseminated sulphides) and effective (i.e. capable of testing basement in areas of deep cover) means to rank combined gravity and magnetic targets across SER’s tenure.

In June 2022 SER was awarded a third Northern Territory Government Geophysics and Drilling Collaborations (GDC) grant worth $110,000 to conduct multiple targeted Induced Polarisation (IP) surveys across the identified Copper-Gold targets. The proposed IP/Resistivity survey will collect data over SER drill hole BKDD001 and the MinEx CRC drill hole, NDIBK009 which now forms part of SER tenure on EL32809. The surveying of anomalies that have previously been drill tested (and had significant petrophysical and geochemical data collected) will allow for known geological constraints to be used in interpreting the data, providing an invaluable case study and calibration reference. These comparisons will then be used to better understand the IP/Resistivity data obtained for the magnetic and/or gravity targets previously identified and assist in the ranking of drill targets for follow up testing.

In the past year significant on ground exploration programs have commenced across the highly prospective East Tennant region. This includes the completion of an Induced Polarisation survey and preparations for drilling over Middle Island Resources (ASX:MDI) Crosswinds Copper Prospect where significant surface copper oxide mineralisation was discovered over an extended strike length in a table drain cutting. Greenvale Mining Limited (ASX:GRV) has completed an initial drill program at Twin Peaks and is set to commence a further drill program at the Leichhardt and Banks IOCG Prospects, while Inca Minerals (ASX: ICG) recently announced the intersection of a wide interval of zoned haematite and magnetite IOCG-style alteration at Mount Lamb. SER continues to monitor the results from ongoing drill programs in the region as preparations are made to conduct the proposed IP survey later this year.

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